SEO strategies used in New Zealand

SEO has made a great name in digital marketing. Each region has its own way of using and managing SEO tactics. Here, I have discussed the top 6 SEO strategies used by top-ranking NZ businesses.

1. Optimizing the Title Tag
The title tag is the first thing that a user sees on the browser window or tab. It is the title of your blog displayed in blue color on the browser window. Improving the title tag is the easiest and the most important factor of Search engine optimization in New Zealand. Google analyzes the title tag to make sure that relevant to the searched keyword.

Few tips to optimize the title tag are:
• The title tag should have only 50-60 characters
• Add the right keywords in your title tag
• Don’t focus only on stuffing keywords, make sure that your title tag is understandable for both users & Google.
• Avoid copy-pasting and make your title tag unique
2. Improve Meta Descriptions
The text that is displayed under the Title Tag and URL of the page is known as meta description. A good meta description attracts the user as well as Google.

Thus, tips to improve the meta description of the page are:
• Write a unique description about what content provides the user
• The description shouldn’t be more than 320 characters
• Add keywords and locations (such as New Zealand) relevant to the content
• Spice up your description in such a way that it invites people to click
3. Write extravagant content
You might have heard the phrase “Content is king!”. If you want to improve your website’s potential traffic in NZ, then you should write epic content which provides information as well as entertainment to the users. Tips for better content are:
• Avoid duplicating other people’s content, as Google hates duplicates
• Avoid thin content because Google loves lengthy content with lots of information
• Start a blog related to your business to improve targeted traffic
4. Use Internal Links
Usage of internal links is not only used in New Zealand but is favored in the whole digital marketing industry. By adding internal links, the reader can easily reach the detailed content of the topic. Use links like “read more” and “find out more” to develop curiosity in the reader.
5. Link Building strategy
Backlinks or inbound links are links on sites that point to your content. It shows Google that your content is worth ranking. Tips for better link building are:
• Add your site to online business directories
• Write content for industries related to your content
6. Use Heading Tags
Heading Tags not only improve your content’s appearance but also plays an essential part in SEO. HTML has heading tags from h1 to h6. H1 to H3 must be used on important pages of your NZ business. Primary keywords must be used in H1 tags. Relevant tags should be used in H2-H6.
The above discussed are the top SEO strategies used by New Zealand websites to rank higher. Stay tuned to know about more SEO tactics of NZ businesses.

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